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Which CCTV Camera brand is Best? CP Plus or Hikvision


Here are some points to consider when choosing between CP Plus and Hikvision:


Both brands are known for producing quality cameras. However, it’s a good idea to check user reviews and ratings from your perspective for specific camera models you are interested in to get a better idea of their performance and durability. CP Plus has large product basket and wide range of products to choose, compared to Hikvision.


Compare the features offered by both brands and see which ones align with your needs. Look for factors like resolution, night vision capabilities, motion detection, remote access, and storage options. CP Plus has easy UI and easy to use mobile App. CP Plus has KVMS Pro software for desktop monitoring, which is easy to use. Whereas Hikvision has IVMS4200 which is not that much user friendly.



Check the pricing of cameras and systems from both CP Plus and Hikvision to see which fits your budget better. Keep in mind that investing a bit more in quality equipment may be beneficial in the long run. Comparatively CP Plus cameras are available at lesser price as their R&D and manufacturing facilities are in India.

Warranty and Support:

Consider the warranty periods and customer support services offered by both brands. A reliable warranty and customer support can be crucial if you encounter any issues with the cameras. Hikvision cameras comes with one year warranty, whereas CP Plus gives you 2 years warranty. SMPS, PoE switches and other power devices comes with burnt warranty also


If you plan to expand your CCTV system in the future, consider the compatibility of the cameras with other devices and accessories from the same brand. The basic camera in CP Plus comes with 2.4mp, whereas Hikvision camera comes with 2mp only. CP Plus DVR can connect to all brand cameras, whereas Hikvision DVR does not support other brand cameras

Local Availability:

Check the availability of both brands in your region. It’s easier to access support and replacements if the brand has a significant presence locally. As CP Plus products are manufactured in India, and widely spread dealer network across the country, CP Plus products are available even in small towns. Few of Hikvision  products are to be ordered in advance to get them.

Data Privacy and Security:

Given the sensitivity of the footage recorded by CCTV cameras, ensure that the brand you choose has robust security measures to protect your data.

It’s important to note that the market may have evolved since my last update, so I recommend doing some up-to-date research, checking recent reviews, and comparing the latest models from both CP Plus and Hikvision before making a decision. You can also seek advice from local security experts or CCTV system installers who may have insights into the performance of these brands in your area.

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