We will select the optimum solution for all your problems. With us you will always feel safe. Cameras apartments have stylish design and can be installed in each room where you want to observe.

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Welcome to Wine Yard Technologies

Wine Yard Technologies is a Best CCTV Dealers in Hyderabad new age Internet of Things (IoT) company with a vision of being the largest provider of Electronic Surveillance (E-Surveillance) systems in India. Wine Yard offers customized solutions for intrusion detection, E-surveillance, Access control solutions to meet the need of high-value asset protection of our clients.

Many gated community apartments, villas, townships, shopping malls, private and multinational companies, retail outlets, warehouses, schools, colleges, Jewellery stores use our solutions to monitor and protect their assets.

We are the Best CCTV Dealers in Hyderabad With the state-of-the-art technology intruder alarm systems, over 1000+ sites are being protected and 1500+ sites are being monitored by our E-Surveillance System.https://www.wineyard.in/

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    Why Wine Yard?

    Wine Yard Technologies is founded in 2006. You can rely on our experience and expertise for all your security and surveillance needs

    We are ISO 9001-2015 certified organization. Our professional procedures of product design, installation, monitoring and periodical service deliver you the best quality products and error free installation.

    1000+ clients are being immensely benefited with our product installations. Corporate offices, construction sites, Gated community apartments, Independent Villas, shops and showrooms are being monitored and protected by our products

    Wine Yard is a team of talented people with curiosity and thirst for perfection. Our qualified and experienced team delivers you the outstanding service beyond your expectations.

    Major troubles in surveillance systems are with installation errors. Our experienced team follow systematic procedure of installation and use quality products to ensure it is fit & forget model solution.





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