Intruder Alarm System

Intruder Alarm System Service in Hyderabad

Wine Yard offers Intruder Alarm System Service in Hyderabad customized solution for wireless intruder / burglar alarm for your homes, shops, factories and business establishments. Our advanced wireless door sensors, Pet immune motion PIR sensors, vibration detectors, glass breaking detectors, panic SOS switches gives complete protection for your premises. Notifications on Arm / Disarm, sensor battery low alert, Mobile App control and many more features.

Intruder Alarm System Service in Hyderabad.Our alarm system control panel comes with TFT colour screen and capacitive touch keypad. In-built siren with option for external siren makes the intruder panic in the event of burglary. It does not need any telephone line, as it comes with inbuilt GSM modem. Just you need to insert a SIM card. It gives 3 hours battery back up in the event of mains power failure. 99 wireless sensors can be connected to this panel.

If you are looking for Intruder Alarm system for your home / office / business premises, please contact us, our team will visit your place and give you the best solution proposal.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: Our systems feature a TFT color screen and capacitive touch keypad for easy operation.
  • Wireless Connectivity: No need for a telephone line; operates seamlessly with an inbuilt GSM modem requiring only a SIM card.
  • Enhanced Security: Includes an in-built siren with an option for an external siren to deter intruders effectively.
  • Battery Backup: Provides up to 3 hours of backup during mains power failures.
  • Mobile Integration: Receive notifications for Arm/Disarm status and sensor battery levels via our intuitive mobile app.
  • Scalability: Connect up to 99 wireless sensors to a single control panel for extensive coverage.

Why Choose Us? At Wine Yard, we prioritize your security needs with a professional approach. Our expert team will assess your requirements and recommend the best-fit solution for your home, office, or business premises. Whether you’re looking to enhance security for a residential property or seeking robust measures for commercial establishments, our intruder alarm systems ensure peace of mind.

Contact Us Today! Get in touch with us today for a consultation. Our team will visit your location to provide a detailed proposal and demonstration of our intruder alarm systems. Safeguard your property with Wine Yard’s trusted Intruder Alarm System Service in Hyderabad. Protect what matters most.