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Will IOT robots takeover Mankind Soon?

A restaurant in Japan has successfully implemented robots to serve their customers right from first point of contact of reception to every need to guarantee a comfortable stay.  Humanoid robots which were the computational models built to resemble humans as closely as possible in terms of human body structure, behavior, were used in this instance.  These robots recognize human body language and voice and respond appropriately.   This is a comparatively low-level interaction which can be directed using a low-level computer.

To be frank, there must be very few amongst us who have not been in awe over robots by now.  They have been fascinating us in quite a number of ways.  The first thing about robots that catch our attention is that it imitates a human.  In many of top rated science fiction movies, robots have made their presence felt, not only delighting us with their on screen antics, but also opened quite a new door of possibilities of the applications of the robot.

The term “robot” itself may be difficult to define, as it depends on the sophistication of functions expected to be performed by it.  Most modern robots churned out by developed countries like Japan can be taught to simulate user actions in a limited way.  They can be taught to navigate their way around obstacles.  This information is stored by the robot and used when it encounters a similar situation.

Some of the predominant functionalities of a robot are sensing, movement, energy and intelligence. Robots can be also used to venture into areas of expertise that can be dangerous, or work involving heavy precision, responsibility.  Robots have also set their foot on the space!

The advent of IoT and Robotics are catapulting working of industries and services to the next level.   Mega car factories generously use highly-sophisticated array of sensors and robotics effortlessly sending and receiving data across the factory floor to fully automate vehicle assembly.

Internet of Robotic things can now store and analyze their data and convey it neatly to other connected devices.

The term conjoined with robots is Artificial Intelligence.  It has rapidly become the most talked about field in robotics.  The ultimate victory would be when Artificial intelligence can completely recreate the human thought process which is proving to be a highly improbable task right now.  The ability to recreate the simultaneous working of billions of neurons is still out the scope.

Some of the researchers imagine the day when humans will be integrated with machines. Research is going into feeding the contents of the brain into a supercomputer and adopting it into a robot. In this way humans intend to live thousands of years more having their own marked personality in a machine.  In any case, robots are geared to play a large part in our lives and may be completely integrated into our daily activities as seamlessly as computers have become presently.

Now, this is a great opportunity for young engineering students who want to break away from the often traversed path of becoming software engineers and become innovators. The industry would open up with huge job opportunities for those who have practical knowledge in these fields.

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