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Promoting the spirit of Innovation in Engineering Students

Promoting the spirit of Innovation in Engineering Students

Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Engineering education these days is an endless cascade of subjects one following the other. For students to get a decent understanding of all these subjects, it takes a lot of effort. Ideally, for students to achieve mastery, it is better for them to keep the textbooks aside and learn by doing. Taking the path of experimentation and innovation is the need of the hour for students to excel and carve a name for them.

These days, engineering graduates are not looking for comfortable jobs in MNC companies. This is the age of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation. When many developed countries have started numerous incubation centers for innovation and new product development, our colleges are busy churning out pure academicians.

This is changing though. More and more engineering colleges are sending their students for contests of innovation. They are preparing the students for the demands of tomorrow. Many Indian engineering students are taking part in international innovation contests and are winning top positions.

Innovation is not only essentially an irreplaceable aspect of engineering, it is also very important for the country to develop economically and achieve technological self sufficiency. We as a country import technology to a large extent and spend a lot on that.

As a contradiction, many Indian students who have moved away from the country for further studies and jobs have become top innovators and entrepreneurs there. This is a wakeup call for us to understand the systemic inadequacies that prompt such a drain.

Now, engineering colleges have recognized this fact and are actively promoting innovation. However, it is to be said that there is little guidance and visionary thought leadership for these students who want to pursue the path of innovation. There is need for experienced and avant garde professionals to help out these students and stand as beacons to lead the students in the path of technology.

Wine Yard Technologies has been doing exactly that. Over the years, not only have we been helping out students with their engineering projects, but we have successfully infused a spirit of enquiry, experimentation and innovation. With a whole range of projects in various streams of engineering, we provide guidance, assistance, and the technological knowhow to understand the key elements of doing a project.

With the focused thought we provide to our participants, they would be equipped to take up their own projects for innovation. Many students have excelled in their projects and have achieved great understanding in their specializations leading to better jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

We invite all engineering students to explore possibilities of their path of innovation with the guidance and assistance we provide. For further details, please visit our site at


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