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Things to Keep in Mind to Pick the Right Mechanical Engineering Projects

For a successful foundation of your career, choosing the right Mechanical Engineering Projects is very much essential. It’s also imperative that you work on the project than going for the readily made ones. If you want to become a successful mechanical engineer, then you must rightly follow a plan and pick a project accordingly. There are a few steps to follow on how to select a best project that gives you the much needed success!

Keep In Mind:

  1. Pick a project that add value to your career:

Before even thinking of how the project could be, firstly it’s very important for a student to pick the project that certainly helps your career. I suggest you do a project that enhances your value and skill set. As a mechanical engineer, you must think that your project must be helpful to a few people in the future. Don’t just randomly pick a project, consider it’s affects and how can it be a growth factor to you? Think this way and you will succeed.

  1. Deal with project execution seriously:

Once you choose the project, deal with it giving your 100%. Complete all your roles and responsibilities in the project to make it a success. Being irresponsible does much bad and it has serious affects. So, deal with the execution party very seriously. At wineyard, we have many Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering and we even guide students in the project picking and execution part too.

  1. Plan to perfection and stick to schedule:

Unlike other projects, mechanical projects take time so meticulous planning is highly necessary. Break your work into even schedules and complete on-time to deliver promptly. Only by doing this way, you are going to complete the project in the allotted time. We can guide you on how to plan and stick to schedule effectively. Our assistance could be of much help to you.

  1. Consult experts at every level:

There will be many levels when you execute a project, so it’s better you consult experts and take their suggestions so that your project is bug free at the end. Wineyard, can be of much help to you in this regards. We have helped as many students till now in successfully delivering the best outcomes. Our qualified professionals will not make anything go wrong and we assure that to our students.


So, if you are in search of live mechanical projects in hyderabad, wineyard is your one-stop destination! We give complete training and be with you right from the beginning to end of the project till successful execution and submission.

major project for ece

Best Major Projects Training for Btech ECE Students in Hyderabad

Wineyard has years of expertise into giving efficient training for btech students on major projects. Our industry-oriented sophisticated style of learning will make you understand the core aspects of the project and you will indeed do the best. The present scenario is in such a way that the robust  growth in technology has led to the uniqueness and latest innovations. So, this has led to the rise of various technologies in electronics. Students will now need to present their best in the colleges if they need to get a go with the best marks.

ECE final year projects:

There are many ECE final year projects for students who are into their last year of Btech. Some of the projects for btech students according to today’s latest technology will be as follows:

  1. Automatic street light controlling system
  2. Home automation – Design and Implementation using CAN
  3. Self balancing robot with 2 wheels
  4. A speaking microcontroller for deaf and dumb
  5. Bluetooth controlled home appliances
  6. Induction motor protection system
  7. Automatic Railway gate controller
  8. Solar battery charger
  9. Advanced helmets for bikers
  10. Electronic climbing robot for industries
  11. Sun tracking solar panel
  12. Password based door lock system

These are just a few examples on what electronics students can do their major project on!

Training at Wineyard:

Wineyard has professional trainers who have a great deal of grip on major project for ece training. Our training includes a typical procedure by which students can work easily and get dexterous. There are numerous institutes for training students on major project for ECE. But only a few are effectual in delivering stupendous results. Wineyard is one among them who care for their students. Our comprehensive training methods and competent teaching methodologies give the students and in-depth view on the subject.

In fact, our training program is so effectual that students from various locations come by and get trained here. Because, our project based intensive training gives exceptional results and after explaining the project to your professor, you can answer any of the questions he asks you with ease.


Finally, if you want to complete your btech projects in Hyderabad successfully, we are the top institute you must look at. Our meticulous training methods in making you learn and understand the whole project will guarantee the best possible outcome while you successfully deliver your project.

final year ieee projects

Extensive Training and Guidance for Major Projects

Extensive Training and Guidance for Major Projects main project is one of the most important practical we do in our 4 years of Bachelors degree. projects have much significance even when you look out for a job. So, you might be knowing its value in future job opportunities! There are many projects that you can do but you need to pick the best which is according to the latest technology trends. Then, take the right training  and guidance to live up to the expectations!

Wineyard Professional Training:

Wineyard professionals are experts in giving top-notch training for final year students. There may be many abstracts and base papers in the market but just by reference you wouldn’t get the exact idea and you can’t elucidate it when asked. You definitely need some professional training and guidance to express yourself effectively. Our pool of certified experts are very much enthusiastic and skillful to give the finest training for students on IEEE 2016 Projects. With that training, we guarantee that your performance will be the best.

Whatever project and on technology you choose, we at wineyard give you the right amount of training and guidance and make you complete the project with ease. Our project training is designed in such a way that it presents you with the full phase of how each and everything works out. We gave major project training to as many final year students till now. Final year ieee projects are best presented and extensive training is given on each framework. Our training will help you plan and execute your engineering project with ease.

Our Expertise:

  1. We have many latest and unique projects with Microcontroller, Robotics , Raspberry, VLSI and other technologies.
  2. The ieee projects will be explained technically in detail by our professors.
  3. Using live project standards, the projects will be developed.
  4. Real-time project development environment will be provided.
  5. Training of the total course will be in VLSI and Microcontroller.
  6. Our real-time technical experts helps each of the students in clearly understanding the project, in the implementation and support stages, etc.
  7. We give the students the source, compilation code and the documentation completely.
  8. Finally, a certificate will be provided from wineyard.

Be it the degree or B.E, M.Tech, M.E, M.C.A, we give major project training. So, are you ready?  If yes, contact us today!

mechanical projects

Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the application of the principles and problem solving techniques of physics and engineering from design to manufacturing to marketplace of any product. Mechanical engineers apply the principles of force, motion and energy to ensure the design is safe, reliable, functional and cost effective.


Every product or service in modern life has probably passed through the hands of a mechanical engineer to help mankind. This includes solving problems or creating future solutions ranging from macro to micro in healthcare, energy, transportation, space exploration, etc. Anything that needs to be manufactured, indeed anything with moving parts needs the expertise of a mechanical engineer.


Mechanical engineers have an enormous range of opportunity and their education mirrors the breadth of subjects. Students focus on one area while honing analytical and problem solving skills to handle any engineering problem that may surface during work or study. Disciplines within mechanical engineering include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer aided design
  • Control systems
  • Energy
  • Ergonomics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics
  • Structural analysis


Mechanical engineering Projects

Such is the vastness of this field that students can take up any number of mechanical projects big or small not just in the final year but for every semester. The following are a few good reasons why you should pick and choose a mechanical engineering project.

  • Since it is the part of the curriculum, you can increase your score to 90 or 95 percent by working on a good project
  • An industry oriented project can add weight to your resume and help you secure appointment in the core mechanical field. While a technically good project can secure admission into finest universities that specialize in mechanical engineering in US, UK and Germany.
  • Allows one to get into the industry of one’s choice such as aerospace, automobile, oil and gas, turbo machines, machine tools, appliances, etc.
  • Good projects, especially in CAE and CFD open up job opportunities in India and abroad (US, Europe, Japan)


How to select a mechanical engineering project

Selecting a mechanical engineering project is daunting to say the least. Following are few pointers to help you in picking and finishing a project that you can be proud of:

  • Zero in on the project that interests you be it production, automobile, design or CAD/CAM/CIM based.
  • Write a project abstract
  • Seek out for journals that relate to the project
  • Design the model, finalize the dimensions
  • Fabricate the model
  • Prepare report

While most popular mechanical engineering projects are from automation, design, power and energy, robotics and automobile, a great project need not be complex. It should be the one you are knowledgeable about and the one you really care.

Wine Yard Technologies offers interesting live mechanical projects in Hyderabad, for engineering students to work on. It is an ISO certified organization with rich experience in embedded real time systems, RFID solutions, wireless factory automations and product design, training and custom designed projects.

major project for ece

Promoting the spirit of Innovation in Engineering Students

Promoting the spirit of Innovation in Engineering Students

Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Engineering education these days is an endless cascade of subjects one following the other. For students to get a decent understanding of all these subjects, it takes a lot of effort. Ideally, for students to achieve mastery, it is better for them to keep the textbooks aside and learn by doing. Taking the path of experimentation and innovation is the need of the hour for students to excel and carve a name for them.

These days, engineering graduates are not looking for comfortable jobs in MNC companies. This is the age of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation. When many developed countries have started numerous incubation centers for innovation and new product development, our colleges are busy churning out pure academicians.

This is changing though. More and more engineering colleges are sending their students for contests of innovation. They are preparing the students for the demands of tomorrow. Many Indian engineering students are taking part in international innovation contests and are winning top positions.

Innovation is not only essentially an irreplaceable aspect of engineering, it is also very important for the country to develop economically and achieve technological self sufficiency. We as a country import technology to a large extent and spend a lot on that.

As a contradiction, many Indian students who have moved away from the country for further studies and jobs have become top innovators and entrepreneurs there. This is a wakeup call for us to understand the systemic inadequacies that prompt such a drain.

Now, engineering colleges have recognized this fact and are actively promoting innovation. However, it is to be said that there is little guidance and visionary thought leadership for these students who want to pursue the path of innovation. There is need for experienced and avant garde professionals to help out these students and stand as beacons to lead the students in the path of technology.

Wine Yard Technologies has been doing exactly that. Over the years, not only have we been helping out students with their engineering projects, but we have successfully infused a spirit of enquiry, experimentation and innovation. With a whole range of projects in various streams of engineering, we provide guidance, assistance, and the technological knowhow to understand the key elements of doing a project.

With the focused thought we provide to our participants, they would be equipped to take up their own projects for innovation. Many students have excelled in their projects and have achieved great understanding in their specializations leading to better jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

We invite all engineering students to explore possibilities of their path of innovation with the guidance and assistance we provide. For further details, please visit our site at


M.Tech IEEE projects

Industry relevant MTech Projects

The engineering grads need domain proficiency and industry readiness to force open corporate doors to get hired. That is a tall order considering the present academics and projects offered to the engineering students. An average engineering grad has gaping holes in his/her domain expertise and is even ill equipped to handle mediocre projects. Whereas real time industry projects require cross domain problem solving getting the job done.

Working on such projects prepares the engineering grad to tackle head on any work related challenge he/she encounters on job. Additionally these build soft skills, good work ethic, team work that comes in handy at the work place.

Current trends in cloud computing, big data analytics, mission critical applications, in health, aerospace and automated systems has thrown the door wide open for knowledgeable, highly skilled technical talent. Technologies such as Internet of Things, predictive business analytics, self driving car engineering and virtual reality is revolutionary and require inter disciplinary approach to science and engineering.

An industry relevant MTech project includes:

  • Drilling in domain fundamentals
  • Industry facilitation
  • Project run in an industry setting
  • Feedback & identifying and filling knowledge gaps
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cross disciplinary in approach


Here is a hot list of MTech projects

  • Cloud computing
  • Android development
  • VLSI & DSP design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web applications
  • Data Science technologies
  • Data storage technologies
  • Power & energy systems
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Aerospace
  • Mechatronics
  • Mobile communications
  • Nano technology
  • Material science
  • Security systems
  • Machine learning

The process of living through a project is transformational for the candidate. Transformational because what he/she is post project is a great leap from being an engineering student to becoming an engineer. One who is capable of designing and building systems that solve day to day problems and making life easy and happy for one and many.

Today there are many organizations and institutions that are offering MTech projects. But, sifting through the run of the mill stuff is difficult even for technically knowledgeable. That is why Wine Yard Technologies desires to create a learning community to help build national capabilities in science, technology, humanities and management where knowledge is acquired and applied with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues. If, the evidence is in numbers then more than 100,000 students and over 400 professionals from industry and teaching have benefitted from the talent transformation programs ran by Wine Yard Technologies.





M.Tech projects on VLSI

How to Choose an M.Tech Project

You are nearing the end of your course studies and the question foremost in the mind is how to choose a topic for your M Tech project.

Here are some tips to zero in on the same:

  • Keep abreast with the latest technological trends and choose a topic accordingly.
  • Choose the technology and domain for your project on which you intend to work during your employment tenure in the future.
  • Keep it simple, steer clear from complicated stuff which you might find hard to assimilate.
  • Take guidance from people already employed in the similar industry.
  • Choose a practical problem faced by the user in general and devise a project to solve it. Don’t stick to the same run-of-the-mill topics like “student attendance system.”  Choose a topic reflecting the need of the hour.

You may need guidance now and then; there is no harm in turning to agencies that specialize in providing expert projects.  But, don’t attempt the often tempting copy/paste method from the net.  It will show you in poor light eventually.

Some of the M tech project topics that you can consider:


Very Large Scale Integrated Integration (VLSI) circuits accommodate about a million transistors in a single circuit, bringing in many advantages like:

  • Increased operating speed and reliability of circuits.
  • Low-cost devices.
  • Reduction in overall size of circuits.
  • Less power required than before and less heat dissipated.
  • More functionalities in a never-before size.


Embedded Systems

Embedded systems, in contrast to computer systems, are designed to do a specific task.   Embedded systems comprise part of a larger device providing general-purpose functionalities.  Some of the advantages of embedded systems are:

  • Small size and hence portable.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Low power required to operate.
  • Less hardware changes required.
  • No specific operating system requirements.


Digital Image Processing (DIP) uses computer algorithms to process digital images.  It offers many advantages of analog image processing. It is a variant of digital signal processing.  One of the common applications used for digital image processing is Adobe Photoshop.


Digital signal processing (DSP), part of a wider area of study called Signal and Systems, mathematically manipulates digitized real-world signals like audio, video, pressure, temperature or position by use of computers.  DSP displays and analyzes the information contained in the signal.  Some of the advantages of digital signal processing are error detection and correction.  Also data can be compressed or the signal can be converted from one form to another.


EEE Power Electronics

Power electronics deals with the area of study where power of the order of a few watts to thousands of watts can be controlled by solid-state electronics consuming only little power in the process. Conversion of electric power is also possible through power electronics.  Some of the advantages are:

  • High reliability and efficiency of the system.
  • No moving parts present, so less maintenance and consequently longer life.
  • Small size.
  • Improved stability and response characteristics.


NS2 and WMC

Research on Real network simulator began in 1989. NS2 (Network simulator 2) aids in real network simulation by supporting stimulation of TCP, multicast protocols, routing over  wired and wireless networks alike.  Network simulation involves modeling or simulating the behavior of a network by use of computer software.  These simulators help in deeper understanding of the behavior and operating standards of a computer network under different conditions.

Wireless Mobile Communication (WMC) involves the transmission of audio, video and data to mobile devices over wireless networks.

Some of the advantages of WMC are:

  • No extensive physical infrastructure required leading to cost-effective solutions.
  • No constraints of physical distance given wireless transmission, so enhanced flexibility provided.

Easier to install and maintain than wired communication networks.

m tech vlsi projects

Industry Ready M tech Projects

Those sunny days of landing a plum job right after graduating from an engineering course, even from a premium educational institution are long and truly over. Today, the demands of the job market are not on even keel with the supply. Hence, the immediate task for an engineering grad is twofold: gain domain expertise and be industry ready. This is tight rope walking at its worst as many who graduate have gaping holes in their domain knowledge and most M tech projects are just a regurgitation leaving the engineering student in a dilemma.

Drilling in the fundamentals of domain knowledge has never been as necessary as it is now. And, designing the academic research projects for M tech students by including the domain basics in the project curriculum is quintessential as they can readily use the reinforced knowledge to the project at hand rather than fumbling for the missing domain stuff.

Also, M tech projects that equip you to handle and excel in real time in an industry are the need of the hour. These build confidence with other soft skills into the student to face any scenarios he/she encounters at work. Valuable skills such as team work, commitment to the entrusted project task within the project will hone the engineering grad that is a rough coal into a precious sparkling diamond much coveted by the market place.

The mastery of domain expertise with the application of it to an industry pertinent project will then be a royal gateway for the engineering grad into the corporate world while he/she is yet at campus. With such an accomplishment tucked under the belt, the engineering grad already has got one step in the door and will be miles ahead of others who are only just hoping to get in.

The projects are broadly divided into software or hardware with embedded systems sitting on the thinly divided line. Bulk of what we see today is driven by embedded code onto the chip. This requires sound knowledge of two domains Computer Science and ECE disciplines. There is also an overlap in mechanical and electrical, control, energy and power system engineering. To be fully workplace functional, the engineering grad needs to be cross domain expert.

Moving from the hardware to software end, there are M tech projects in control power and energy systems, communication and networking, embedded systems, digital image processing or DSP for short, Image processing, VLSI design to software engineering, cloud computing, web technologies to information security.

Working on industry-relevant projects among a talented pool of individuals is the apex of what an engineering grad can look forward to. Looking for such providers need not be the proverbial needle in the hay stack as a diligent search online will yield a respected few.






ece final year projects

How to Plan and Execute Engineering Projects

After gliding more or less successfully through the maze of subject matter in the tenure of the engineering, it’s at last time to work on the project. This is the time when the knowledge acquired by the students during the monotonous classroom hours of teaching is put into practical application.

As part of their curriculum, engineering students need to work on a project in line with their course. It is commonly noted that designing a project on their own goes a long way in assimilating the concepts more profoundly than simply cramming up subject matter in the brain and clearing the papers.

Let us look at some of the guidelines to be followed for successful completion of a project starting from scratch -:

Why do we need to design a project in the first place?

Engineering projects or any project for that matter is devised for a particular need.  This may be to improvise on an already existing situation or model or as a solution to a problem.

How to zero in on your project topic?

This should be the least of your concerns.  There is no dearth of topics out there.  The key is to be well informed of the advances in science and technology in everyday life.  You must be already aware of the 3D hologram technology that has arrived with a bang of late.  You always have mentors in the form of teachers and online resources to bank on.

Get your ideas straight and clear

What purpose is this project going to serve? Who is going to be the end user?  Use simple sentences.  Note down any pertinent point that comes to your mind.  In what way would your project be feasible over an existing model, financially, technologically? Once you have answers to these questions and more, you are good to go.

Plan your project in the right fashion

Always remember a project well planned is half accomplished.  Every detail however minute it might be should be recorded in a sequential method.  Most of the processes these days follow an iterative cycle.  You go on adding the requirements, changing the design, retesting the product until the product reaches its desired shape.

Project design

What are the functional requirements and physical requirements of the project? In simple terms, what function or functions is it slated to perform and what are the physical specifications of the product to be developed?  To bring out that one project that clicks, project design should be effective enough for development of a product performing all the functions required within the constraints like time, cost, raw materials used etc.

Can you improve on an existing design?

Consider a project on the similar lines has been already done some years ago.  Consider how best this can be improved.  Science is taking rapid strides.  Using available technology, you can improvise on the already existing solutions or create new ones altogether.

Build a prototype

Your prototype is the first working model of your application.  There may be minor bugs or issues with it.  Be open to any criticism and suggestions.  Evaluate your prototype developed against the requirements and see how well it performs within the constraints. The prototype must be tested in an environment similar to the actual operating conditions.

Document the test results

Whether you like it or not, even the best product developed initially would have some issues, so test appropriately under all conditions and meticulously document the test results as you would for other steps.  Make sure to document the test results neatly for easy reference at a later stage.

Iterative process

Many a times, it happens that the product developed does not quite match up with the requirements.  In that case, review all the steps performed, make the necessary changes, and retest until the outcome is satisfactory.


Mini Projects for ECE

Making the Best of your Engineering Studies

Those four years in the engineering college are the most memorable times in your life. You make a lot of friends and discover many things together. It is one time that you would remember for the rest of your life, but are you forgetting the main purpose of doing this course?

After intermediate, it is a tough journey to get into a good engineering college. It is both a strain to you and your parents. Counseling, selecting the group and admissions take a huge toll on you. As you get into the college, you heave a sigh of relief that you are finally there. This might be wrong.

I am not trying to be yet another parent or uncle trying to lecture you on the importance of life and the importance of a good career. What I am about to say is even better!

For me, career is something that comes as a consequence, but not as an attempt. When you have chosen engineering, you have chosen a stream that is dynamic and that has altered humanity for the better. It is your passion for engineering that is about to give you a great career.

Engineering is a stream that allows you to study the mechanics of the world. You study about the intricate mechanisms that run the world of computers, electronics, machines, and in fact everything in this world. And, the best part of it is that you get a chance to create a difference to this world.

While enjoying with friends is necessary to have a balanced life, it is also very important that you enjoy this great adventure called engineering. Semester after semester, you learn new things and it is in the application of this knowledge that you develop your engineering acumen.

Let us start an adventure of innovation, discovery, and the art of doing engineering. I call it the art of doing engineering as engineering is only about doing. Whereas the physicists and theorists postulate concepts, it is you engineers that can test these concepts and come with great innovations.

Whether you come from an ECE, Mechanical, or Computer Science engineering, there are a lot of projects that you can do and increase your knowledge. Gone are the days where you get jobs as soon as you complete engineering. You need to really understand the depths of your subjects to have good careers.

The best way to go about is to do. Wine Yard Technologies offers numerous innovative projects for engineering students. These projects are highly practical and applicable in the field immediately.  From renewable energy to drones whatever your interest is, you can take up a project in that with us.

You have a chance to create a difference with your engineering acumen and we provide the opportunities for doing that! So, get your group of friends and visit Wine Yard.