mini projects for mechanical engineering

Live Mini Projects in Hyderabad for Mechanical Engineering Students

Live Mini Projects in Hyderabad for Mechanical Engineering Students

Mechanical engineering is vast and there are numerous number of topics for doing a project! Mini projects for mechanical engineering can be chosen from a wide range of topics but at present, the most daunting thing is global warming. So, students can do mechanical mini projects which emphasizes on saving energy or generating energy without doing any harm to the nature. Robotics or renewable energy are also best to do mechanical projects for btech students. There are also many ideas we at Wineyard have that our professors can teach.

For example: If you pick the robotics subject, you can try different ideas such as solar insect robot which is powered by solar, autonomous agile flying machines, Fire fighting machines, etc. To hear, these are just amazing! So how about you make them work and take it Live? For that, you need the right amount of training and guidance that only qualified professionals can give you. Wineyard is where you can learn these under one-roof.

Mechanical Mini Projects:

We have a few ideas for mechanical mini projects for our students which you can pick from.

  • Design And Fabrication Of Regenerative Shock Absorber
  • Remote controlled Clothes dryer with UV light
  • Solar Grass cutter
  • Artificial eye – Intelligent Line Following Robot
  • Multi terrain Drone to travel on ground, water surface and in the air
  • Pesticides spraying drone for Agriculture applications
  • Mechanical project on Sensor Operated Vice
  • Human Powered Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process
  • Modification of Two Stroke Engine to Increase the Torque
  • Conversion of Petrol Bike into LPG and Emission Check

You may think these, as the basic ideas for your mechanical engineering projects. Based on these, you can go for any of the Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering which may interest you. Our suggestion is to build projects which are useful for the people.

About Wineyard:

Wineyard has been training students from years long. For students, we give training on latest cutting-edge technologies only. We also guide students in such a way that you are sure to get appreciation when you present your project. Wineyard believes that ensuring quality education is one of the most important things we can do for the future generations and so we work for it. Our training is visionary and will exceed expectations of the students. So, if you are ready to pursue global standards of excellence with quality training, reach us today!

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