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Industry relevant MTech Projects

The engineering grads need domain proficiency and industry readiness to force open corporate doors to get hired. That is a tall order considering the present academics and projects offered to the engineering students. An average engineering grad has gaping holes in his/her domain expertise and is even ill equipped to handle mediocre projects. Whereas real time industry projects require cross domain problem solving getting the job done.

Working on such projects prepares the engineering grad to tackle head on any work related challenge he/she encounters on job. Additionally these build soft skills, good work ethic, team work that comes in handy at the work place.

Current trends in cloud computing, big data analytics, mission critical applications, in health, aerospace and automated systems has thrown the door wide open for knowledgeable, highly skilled technical talent. Technologies such as Internet of Things, predictive business analytics, self driving car engineering and virtual reality is revolutionary and require inter disciplinary approach to science and engineering.

An industry relevant MTech project includes:

  • Drilling in domain fundamentals
  • Industry facilitation
  • Project run in an industry setting
  • Feedback & identifying and filling knowledge gaps
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cross disciplinary in approach


Here is a hot list of MTech projects

  • Cloud computing
  • Android development
  • VLSI & DSP design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web applications
  • Data Science technologies
  • Data storage technologies
  • Power & energy systems
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Aerospace
  • Mechatronics
  • Mobile communications
  • Nano technology
  • Material science
  • Security systems
  • Machine learning

The process of living through a project is transformational for the candidate. Transformational because what he/she is post project is a great leap from being an engineering student to becoming an engineer. One who is capable of designing and building systems that solve day to day problems and making life easy and happy for one and many.

Today there are many organizations and institutions that are offering MTech projects. But, sifting through the run of the mill stuff is difficult even for technically knowledgeable. That is why Wine Yard Technologies desires to create a learning community to help build national capabilities in science, technology, humanities and management where knowledge is acquired and applied with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues. If, the evidence is in numbers then more than 100,000 students and over 400 professionals from industry and teaching have benefitted from the talent transformation programs ran by Wine Yard Technologies.





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