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Industry Ready M tech Projects

Those sunny days of landing a plum job right after graduating from an engineering course, even from a premium educational institution are long and truly over. Today, the demands of the job market are not on even keel with the supply. Hence, the immediate task for an engineering grad is twofold: gain domain expertise and be industry ready. This is tight rope walking at its worst as many who graduate have gaping holes in their domain knowledge and most M tech projects are just a regurgitation leaving the engineering student in a dilemma.

Drilling in the fundamentals of domain knowledge has never been as necessary as it is now. And, designing the academic research projects for M tech students by including the domain basics in the project curriculum is quintessential as they can readily use the reinforced knowledge to the project at hand rather than fumbling for the missing domain stuff.

Also, M tech projects that equip you to handle and excel in real time in an industry are the need of the hour. These build confidence with other soft skills into the student to face any scenarios he/she encounters at work. Valuable skills such as team work, commitment to the entrusted project task within the project will hone the engineering grad that is a rough coal into a precious sparkling diamond much coveted by the market place.

The mastery of domain expertise with the application of it to an industry pertinent project will then be a royal gateway for the engineering grad into the corporate world while he/she is yet at campus. With such an accomplishment tucked under the belt, the engineering grad already has got one step in the door and will be miles ahead of others who are only just hoping to get in.

The projects are broadly divided into software or hardware with embedded systems sitting on the thinly divided line. Bulk of what we see today is driven by embedded code onto the chip. This requires sound knowledge of two domains Computer Science and ECE disciplines. There is also an overlap in mechanical and electrical, control, energy and power system engineering. To be fully workplace functional, the engineering grad needs to be cross domain expert.

Moving from the hardware to software end, there are M tech projects in control power and energy systems, communication and networking, embedded systems, digital image processing or DSP for short, Image processing, VLSI design to software engineering, cloud computing, web technologies to information security.

Working on industry-relevant projects among a talented pool of individuals is the apex of what an engineering grad can look forward to. Looking for such providers need not be the proverbial needle in the hay stack as a diligent search online will yield a respected few.






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