Mini projects for EEE

Get trained on the best mini projects for EEE students only at Wineyard

Get trained on the best mini projects for EEE students only at Wineyard

Academic mini projects offer students a great platform using which they can innovate and practically apply what they have learnt. So, wineyard gives btech students the ideal training which helps them master in their project. Wineyard believes that teamwork and intelligence wins championships. So, when a student comes to us, we sit together and select the best mini project which he/she will be able to do and deliver guaranteed results. Especially, EEE mini projects must be chosen very wisely. Once the project is picked, our expert staff will closely monitor your work and will give feedback constantly.

Advantages with Wineyard:

  • We have the latest mini projects for EEE which are unique and as per industry standards.
  • Complete course training will be provided along with reference guides.
  • Abstract papers and instruction manuals will be given home because students many not have enough time when they are in the institute and hence they can read at home.
  • Our technical experts will assist students at every level of project building.
  • Certificate will be issued once you have successfully completed the course.

These are the few advantages if you do your Mini Project with Wineyard. Convenience matters the most for students and we understand that. Hence, we give students great amount of time to work according to their pace. We also follow 1-to-1 assistance method to clear the doubts of each student. With innovative project guidance from wineyard, we are sure that you will thrive.

Sample Mini Projects at Wineyard:

  • Feeder over load protection and auto trip off using current transformer and operational amplifier.
  • Earth fault and short circuit protection and auto mains trip off using current transformer and operational amplifier.
  • Intelligent self tripping power supply with auto power off on lamp load failure.
  • Auto power supply control from four different sources: Solar power, wind power, Mains, and Inverter to ensure interrupt free power supply.
  • RF controlled advanced bike security system with voice alert to prevent unauthorized approach.
  • Microhydel power generation system from building roof rain water flow to power AC / DC loads with battery reverse charge protection.
  • 3-phase load safety implementation with auto turn OFF and auto turn ON facility.
  • H- Bridge implementation for DC motor direction control for robotic applications.

These are few of the top Mini projects for EEE we have! So, if you are interested, approach us today and ask us for more details you want to know about our training, guidance and project support.

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