Embedded Systems Mini Projects

Embedded Systems Mini Projects for Btech ECE and EEE Students

Embedded Systems Mini Projects for Btech ECE and EEE Students

Embedded Systems are designed to execute one function with real-time applications. We can see Embedded systems in devices like microwave & television remote controls, calculators and also in complex devices like house security and zone traffic control systems. Students who are talented can take advantage of these simple embedded systems and put in efforts with our assistance and turn them into a more integrated system for controlling other devices.

Here are some of the handpicked embedded systems mini projects ideas Wineyard has:

  • Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
  • Automatic Bell System for Institutions
  • Automatic Surveillance Camera Panning System from PC
  • Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
  • BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display
  • Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  • Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor
  • DTMF Based Load Control System

If you think you can achieve and successfully complete more complex projects, we have some amazing project ideas which M.Tech students does.

Here they are:

  • An integrated cloud-based smart home management system with community hierarchy
  • Self-configuration and smart binding control on IoT applications
  • A smart switch to connect and disconnect electrical devices at home by using internet
  • IoT based occupancy monitoring techniques for energy efficient Smart buildings
  • Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
  • Electronic visits in primary care: modeling, analysis, and scheduling policies
  • Configurable zigbee-based control system for people with multiple disabilities in smart homes
  • Design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systems
  • Pre-fetching-based data dissemination in vehicular cloud systems
  • Real-time global localization of robotic cars in lane level via lane marking detection and shape registration

These are the best Embedded Systems Mini Projects for ECE and the top Embedded Systems Mini Projects for EEE students. Wineyard, will assist you with the abstracts, base papers, block diagrams and output video details.


These days, most of the engineering students are eager to boost their knowledge and skill on embedded systems as it will be very much beneficial for them in the future. Doing a mini project on embedded system will help in improving your skill and with our support and the first-rate training at Wineyard, you will gain much practical knowledge before your final year of Btech. So, are you ready to become a industry-ready professional? Then, take the right kind of training from our certified experts. Get in touch with us by calling us on 040-6464-6363

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