Why do a Course on Raspberry Pi?

Though developed as a credit card sized single board computer, Raspberry Pi is a legend in its own. It was launched on February 29, 2012.  It is a micro PC that is born from innovative ideas to bring a new age of computing. Let us examine the need for such an invention when the whole world is moving toward quantum computing.

Raspberry Foundation, based in the UK, is a charitable organization that was trying newer methods of teaching basic computer science in developing countries. In this attempt, they have released their first commercial product in 2012. Later, several generations of Raspberry Pi were released.

All the Raspberry Pis have a Broadcom system on their chips and includes an ARM compatible CPU. It has a graphic processing unit and the models have a memory ranging from 256 MB to 1 GB RAM. Digital SD cards are used to store the operating system and the program memories. It has accessories like camera, HAT, and Gertboard.

In February 2016, the foundation has announced that it has sold over 8 million devices till now! This is quite an astounding number considering the fact that many customers have preferences for laptops, smartphones, and PCs.

A major part of the success of this amazing device is attributed to the fact that it is low powered and relatively easy to use. Its applications range from a basic web server to a spaceship! Engineers who want to experiment find this device fascinating and wonderful.

It was designed for the purpose of providing a low cost and high performance device that can be used in education sector to impart basic computer science. This proved to be very effective. Yet, this device caught the imagination of engineers who wanted to get creative with computing.

From connecting it to a living room TV to entire home automation, Raspberry Pi has numerous uses, and young engineering students can explore more!

Some interesting uses of Raspberry Pi:

  • Entire Home Automation.
  • Home Security.
  • Temperature Monitoring.
  • Security Cameras.
  • Space industry applications.
  • Robot Controller.
  • 3d scanning.

It’s finding a host of other industrial applications that are highly innovative and solve vital problems.

This is the age where smart inventions and innovations for solving problems are given more precedence. Young engineering students in India have a lot to gain by learning Raspberry Pi as they can explore and implement their creative ideas to the benefit of the industry.

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