Quality Training for Industry oriented Mini Projects for ECE & EEE Branches

Mini Project is one of the important projects in Btech. Wineyard provides students with 100’s of best mini projects for ECE and EEE students to choose from. Our projects are highly beneficial for students in their academic success. ECE is the most demanding branch in engineering. Most of the students show much interest in this branch. There are some useful and innovative concepts in ECE which are a must to learn for students.

Wineyard gives training to students in this too and also assists in their every step of mini project success. Keeping the latest trends that are emerging in Electronics, we are offering mini projects for ECE students on that basis. At wineyard, Industry oriented Mini Project training is given to students. The categories include robotics, embedded systems, microcontroller, solar and communication based like RFID, GPS and many more.

ECE Mini projects:

For ECE students, we have amazing projects. Students who have previously been trained on our ECE Mini Projects thank us for the amount of effort and care we have taken on their mini project. With our complete care and guidance, they have nailed the mini project. Also, professionals at Wineyard, explain each concept very clearly and comprehensively till the student understands. This is the core aim of us. Without proper thought process or idea on the project the student may end up and not make the grade. Our training also includes the questions which an interviewer asks when you first apply for the job.

EEE Mini Projects:

For EEE students, we recommend these latest industry oriented mini projects:

  1. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range
  2. High efficient energy theft detection with remote alert system
  3. Shunt compensation technique for improved power factor by thyristor switched capacitor in Flexible AC transmission system
  4. Feeder over load protection and auto trip off using current transformer and operational amplifier
  5. Intelligent self tripping power supply with auto power off on lamp load failure
  6. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
  7. RF controlled advanced bike security system with voice alert to prevent unauthorized approach
  8. Music transmission and reception with high S/N ratio using fiber optic communication
  9. Intelligent Fire Detector with automatic water sprinkler system / air blower to avoid fire Accidents
  10. Automatic industrial transformer distribution and load sharing system

These could be some of the amazing EEE Mini Projects for btech students and training will be given at each level of the project along with manuals for easy understanding.


Finally, what we could clearly say that wineyard should be your ultimate choice when looking for a mini project training. Success always comes with us because of our constant efforts and you as a student will lead and definitely enhance your career prospects.

Summer Internship in Embedded Systems

Wineyard – The Best Institute for Summer Internship in Embedded Systems

Wineyard has defined an interesting process for training students during summer. Our Summer Internship Program is designed to emphasize on advancement in the field of Embedded Systems Design. We know the growing importance of summer training and industrial training in the curriculum, and hence we have tailored our program in such a way that it enriches students with enough practical knowledge and abstract learning. We provide training programs for students of, EEE, ECE, and few other streams of engineering.

Summer Internships:

Summer internships are actually a boon for students. They can essentially gain some amazing knowledge and the key concepts of their respective branches. These training sessions help students in easy understanding of the concepts when they go through it again in their colleges. If you are pursuing btech 1st or 2nd year and you are eagerly checking out for Summer internships, then you are very much ambitious and serious about your career.

Wineyard is especially for you people who are much dedicated and want to achieve heights in whatever you do. We know that you are spending your precious time learning important aspects of education; we value your money that you invest in your future. So, our training will be very much easier and we make every student understand the thought of our training and what all the efforts you need to put into it. We are very much confident that our systematic process will surely yield better results for you in the future.

Summer Internship in Embedded Systems

Wineyard has been given Summer Internship in Embedded Systems from quite some time and the response to our training is very much incredible. Our Summer internship for students of diverse btech branches will be given training on the systematic and conceptual understanding of 8051 microcontroller architecture, Embedded C Language basics, pin configuration, modules interfacing and lot more. This course is designed by our professionals who have enormous experience in their respective fields. You can contact us anytime for queries.

Benefits of our training:

Most of the students prefer Wineyard because we have given students many advantages which not many institutes give. Our students are provided with a complimentary take-home Embedded Systems Development kit to experiment various exercises practically. Also, our staff will assign students with illustration projects and assignments to achieve practical design knowledge on 8051 Microcontroller based Embedded Systems Design. Finally, at the end of the course, you will be an expert with 8051 Microcontroller.

embedded system mini projects

Wineyard Offering Embedded System Mini Projects for Engineering Projects

Embedded systems is the most significant concept in electronics. Embedded system is nothing but a computer system that’s designed to carry out operations like accessing, processing, storing and controlling the data in electronic based systems. Embedded systems assist in making the work very much suitable and precise. Many engineering students choose to prefer projects on embedded systems. Wineyard is offering some incredible training on such projects. Embedded system mini projects are mostly picked by engineering students for quite a few reasons. Some of reasons could be like embedded mini projects are more practical, they are cost-effective, they can be easily explained, easy to understand and give live demonstration.

Embedded System Projects are Innovative:

Of course, there are many domains but engineering students prefer embedded system mini projects because as a student he knows that with these projects, we can put increased efforts in developing revolutionary and innovative projects. In real life, we use embedded systems in devices and applications like television remote, home security, calculators, and many more. Relating to government, these embedded systems are used in biometrics ATM system, traffic control system, vehicle tax pay, bank locker security systems, electronic queue control systems, etc. Using embedded systems, there is innovation possible in every way. So engineering students prefer to do embedded mini projects a lot.

Wineyard Expertise:

Wineyard has been providing the best embedded system mini projects from years. We have trained many students in doing these projects and they have successfully executed them. To give an idea of what kind of amazing projects you can work related to embedded systems, I can list a few projects here.

  1. Biometric attendance system
  2. Human detection robot
  3. Password based circuit breaker
  4. Smart real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking system using GSM/GPS technologies
  5. Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device
  6. Bluetooth energy meter
  7. RFID based paid parking
  8. Self-configuration and smart binding control on IoT applications
  9. Non-intrusive planning the roadside infrastructure for vehicular networks
  10. Secure and privacy-preserving Smartphone based traffic information systems

These are some of the examples on how the projects on embedded systems could be like.


So, are you ready to achieve the global standards of excellence in your engineering mini projects? If yes, then you are at the right place. We, at wineyard are very much fascinated to give training for students who are very much willing to explore and innovate using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering

Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students at Wineyard

Wineyard is one amazing institute in Hyderabad which is one of the top training institutes for academic projects. Having well established in the market, we have been on the rise since years for providing quality educational training for btech students. When a student comes to us, we provide them with the list of projects and they choose the project based on their interest and we are always ready if a student requests us to pick the best according to his area of interest. Speaking of mechanical projects, we at Wineyard have Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering students which are ranging from very small projects to very large ones. Depending on your interest you can pick the project and we are ready to assist you in every way.

Mechanical Projects in Hyderabad:

At wineyard, a student gets the maximum amount of care and guidance anyone would get from project beginning to the completion of the project. We have a wide list of mechanical mini projects on remote controlled robotic arm, agricultural robot project, Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter Robot and many more. Visit our place and ask for the incredible projects we have. Our researchers continually research on the latest mini projects for mechanical engineering students according to the latest changing trends and technology and incorporate that into our list of projects.

Our training procedure:

Training at wineyard is just incredible! We have new training methodologies to make the concepts understandable to the students with ease. We also follow certain procedures and guide students with enough knowledge so that they perform very well in the main exam and practical exams. In-depth understanding of mechanical projects is very crucial for mechanical engineering students because without proper knowledge their work may be a total failure. So, firstly it’s on the student to get themselves trained properly in the institute so that they can execute their project efficiently.


Some mechanical engineering projects require detailed understanding. The abstracts, working model, concept, detailed drawing, scope of execution are very important. Our enthusiastic professionals at wineyard deal with every aspect of such kind and make the student a pro. We  constantly strive for excellence in education by researching and  putting forward the best of everything. Hence, we firmly believe that students who get training from wineyard are going to succeed for sure. We are definitely your gateway to quality training. Call us anytime and we would love to help you with any queries you have as a student.

ECE Mini Projects

ECE Mini Projects Complete Training and Guidance

Have you been on the hunt for B.Tech Mini Projects for ECE, EEE, CSE and Mechanical engineering branches? If yes, then you are definitely at the right place. Wineyard is offering industry oriented mini project training for students under expert guidance. For ECE students we have some very much advanced quality projects under our belt. You can just come in and select the right project according to your requirement and interest and we guide you moving forward at every level of the project.

Examples of some of the best ECE Mini Projects we have are:

  1. Farmer friendly Solar based electric fence for rural agriculture
  2. Solar based fan with tagged speed selection for rural people
  3. Design and implementation of miniature thermal plant using TEP transducer for power generation
  4. Non-conventional energy resource system through elevator (lift) to power a AC CFL load lamps with micro inverter (lift power generation)
  5. Unmanned railway gate automation using 10RPM geared DC motors using magnetic sensors
  6. Aero dynamic wind mill with reverse charge protection for rural power generation applications
  7. Next generation alternative energy storage application with Super capacitors / Ultra capacitors
  8. Foot step power generation system for rural energy application to run AC and DC loads

Some examples of EEE Mini Projects:

  1. Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote
  2. Intelligent automatic transformer load sharing system
  3. Ferranti Effect compensation by thyristor switched reactor (TSR) in Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS)
  4. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range
  5. High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  6. High efficient energy theft detection with remote alert system (without microcontroller)
  7. Unmanned railway gate automation using 10RPM geared DC motors using magnetic sensors
  8. Underground cable fault detection using opamps with distance location indicator

These are just a few for your information. There are many Mini Projects for ECE and EEE students which may further interest you. Only the best institutes offer industry oriented Mini projects for EEE students and we are proud that we are one among the finest institutes available in Hyderabad.


With a well-organized training approach, we at wineyard guide students in the right way and assist them at every level of project building. After training at our institute, you will clearly understand what the project is about and you can easily explain your professors about the project from base level to the core level. So, are you ready to join us? If yes, contact us immediately.

btech projects in hyderabad

How to select a btech project in Hyderabad – Wineyard Explains

Selecting b.tech projects is very crucial for students of various branches. Final year is where they start working on their major project and you much be very careful in selecting a right project that does good to your career. Because, if you search for a job after b.tech, it’s very important that you must be able to explain your project to the interviewer and what is the role you have played in delivering the major project  successfully. Now, you will know the importance of wineyard in selecting a project.

Wineyard Experts:

We, at Wineyard technologies offer students the most comprehensive training for their major project. Projects for btech students are very new as they don’t get a touch of it in their schooling or the first few years of btech. So, they will be blank and have no option to choose a random project from companies or institutes. This isn’t right actually. Wineyard technologies can assist students in picking the project in their area of interest and also suggest them on how to pick the projects based on their skill set and interests. Our experts have tons of proficiency in giving training and guide students along the right path. Each of the professionals at wineyard had given training for mini and major for b.tech and also m.tech students.

Things to remember:

Of course, we would love to guide you in each and every aspect, right from project beginning to the end of the project. But, even you as a student must think about:

  1. What kind of project might be a good idea for major project
  2. What sort of advises should I take from the institute faculty
  3. Will the chosen project help my career or not?
  4. Should I work as a team or can I do my project individually? If yes, what are the probabilities?

These should be few of the queries you must ask yourself before choosing the project. Then, focus on the right areas to make the project successful. Wineyard experts will always guide you from starting of the project. We design a clear pattern and guide students at every level and give our valuable inputs every time you stop at a critical point in your project.


Finally, we would like to say that, there are many institutes who give training on btech projects in Hyderabad, but it’s your choice to make a right decision and pick the best ones like wineyard who are experts in designing a unique project training program.

btech projects in hyderabad

Find the Best btech projects in Hyderabad with Quality Training

Are you looking out for some of the best IEEE 2016 projects? Then you are definitely at the right place! Wineyard is offering the right guidance and training for students who pick IEEE projects from them. We are here to give the students complete training under expert supervision. Each of our staff is highly experienced in their respective departments and they can endow you with the accurate project according to your branch. We give training to students on many projects of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and other branches too. So, what are you looking for? Make the most by taking our specialist’s assistance.

Final year IEEE Projects:

Major projects are extremely important. For a btech student, Final year IEEE Projects mould their career into the right path. They must pick the right project and gain expertise while training. We offer projects for our students on advanced domains.

Some of the b.tech projects we have for ECE students include:

  • Under pipe travelling robot to detect Gas line leakage and RFID address navigation to cloud over IOT
  • Super capacitors / ultra-capacitors as alternative energy storage application with voltage analyzer
  • Gesture Controlled Speaking Micro Controller for the deaf & dumb
  • Android based blood bank system within ARM7 based LPC2148 as data server
  • Woman security assistance system with GPS tracking and geo-position messaging system
  • Foot step power generation system for rural energy application

For EEE students, we have projects like:

  • A Dual-Active Bridge Topology With a Tuned CLC Network
  • A Step-up Resonant Converter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy
  • Intelligent automatic transformer load sharing system
  • AC motor speed control using power Triac
  • Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote
  • PC Based DC Motor speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge

For Mechanical students, we have these kind of projects:

  • Remote operated screw jack for automotive
  • Industrial object transport system
  • Solar Grass cutter
  • Hexapod – Six legged robot to operate on uneven surfaces
  • Solar E-Uniform for soldiers who work at extreme high temperature or extreme low temperature
  • Hawk Drone: Video capturing Drone for defense applications with 2-axis motorized camera stabilization

These are just the examples for your understanding. We have many more projects either small or large than these kind of projects. It’s your requirement on what kind of project to choose and leave the rest to our expert professionals for giving you the right training and guidance. Btech projects in Hyderabad will be provided by many institutes but only a few like wineyard can share the right knowledge and direct a student to complete the project successfully. Now it’s your choice to make a wise decision.

mechanical projects

Things to Keep in Mind to Pick the Right Mechanical Engineering Projects

For a successful foundation of your career, choosing the right Mechanical Engineering Projects is very much essential. It’s also imperative that you work on the project than going for the readily made ones. If you want to become a successful mechanical engineer, then you must rightly follow a plan and pick a project accordingly. There are a few steps to follow on how to select a best project that gives you the much needed success!

Keep In Mind:

  1. Pick a project that add value to your career:

Before even thinking of how the project could be, firstly it’s very important for a student to pick the project that certainly helps your career. I suggest you do a project that enhances your value and skill set. As a mechanical engineer, you must think that your project must be helpful to a few people in the future. Don’t just randomly pick a project, consider it’s affects and how can it be a growth factor to you? Think this way and you will succeed.

  1. Deal with project execution seriously:

Once you choose the project, deal with it giving your 100%. Complete all your roles and responsibilities in the project to make it a success. Being irresponsible does much bad and it has serious affects. So, deal with the execution party very seriously. At wineyard, we have many Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering and we even guide students in the project picking and execution part too.

  1. Plan to perfection and stick to schedule:

Unlike other projects, mechanical projects take time so meticulous planning is highly necessary. Break your work into even schedules and complete on-time to deliver promptly. Only by doing this way, you are going to complete the project in the allotted time. We can guide you on how to plan and stick to schedule effectively. Our assistance could be of much help to you.

  1. Consult experts at every level:

There will be many levels when you execute a project, so it’s better you consult experts and take their suggestions so that your project is bug free at the end. Wineyard, can be of much help to you in this regards. We have helped as many students till now in successfully delivering the best outcomes. Our qualified professionals will not make anything go wrong and we assure that to our students.


So, if you are in search of live mechanical projects in hyderabad, wineyard is your one-stop destination! We give complete training and be with you right from the beginning to end of the project till successful execution and submission.

major project for ece

Best Major Projects Training for Btech ECE Students in Hyderabad

Wineyard has years of expertise into giving efficient training for btech students on major projects. Our industry-oriented sophisticated style of learning will make you understand the core aspects of the project and you will indeed do the best. The present scenario is in such a way that the robust  growth in technology has led to the uniqueness and latest innovations. So, this has led to the rise of various technologies in electronics. Students will now need to present their best in the colleges if they need to get a go with the best marks.

ECE final year projects:

There are many ECE final year projects for students who are into their last year of Btech. Some of the projects for btech students according to today’s latest technology will be as follows:

  1. Automatic street light controlling system
  2. Home automation – Design and Implementation using CAN
  3. Self balancing robot with 2 wheels
  4. A speaking microcontroller for deaf and dumb
  5. Bluetooth controlled home appliances
  6. Induction motor protection system
  7. Automatic Railway gate controller
  8. Solar battery charger
  9. Advanced helmets for bikers
  10. Electronic climbing robot for industries
  11. Sun tracking solar panel
  12. Password based door lock system

These are just a few examples on what electronics students can do their major project on!

Training at Wineyard:

Wineyard has professional trainers who have a great deal of grip on major project for ece training. Our training includes a typical procedure by which students can work easily and get dexterous. There are numerous institutes for training students on major project for ECE. But only a few are effectual in delivering stupendous results. Wineyard is one among them who care for their students. Our comprehensive training methods and competent teaching methodologies give the students and in-depth view on the subject.

In fact, our training program is so effectual that students from various locations come by and get trained here. Because, our project based intensive training gives exceptional results and after explaining the project to your professor, you can answer any of the questions he asks you with ease.


Finally, if you want to complete your btech projects in Hyderabad successfully, we are the top institute you must look at. Our meticulous training methods in making you learn and understand the whole project will guarantee the best possible outcome while you successfully deliver your project.

final year ieee projects

Extensive Training and Guidance for B.tech Major Projects

Extensive Training and Guidance for B.tech Major Projects

B.tech main project is one of the most important practical we do in our 4 years of Bachelors degree. B.tech projects have much significance even when you look out for a job. So, you might be knowing its value in future job opportunities! There are many projects that you can do but you need to pick the best which is according to the latest technology trends. Then, take the right training  and guidance to live up to the expectations!

Wineyard Professional Training:

Wineyard professionals are experts in giving top-notch training for b.tech final year students. There may be many abstracts and base papers in the market but just by reference you wouldn’t get the exact idea and you can’t elucidate it when asked. You definitely need some professional training and guidance to express yourself effectively. Our pool of certified experts are very much enthusiastic and skillful to give the finest training for students on IEEE 2016 Projects. With that training, we guarantee that your performance will be the best.

Whatever project and on technology you choose, we at wineyard give you the right amount of training and guidance and make you complete the project with ease. Our project training is designed in such a way that it presents you with the full phase of how each and everything works out. We gave major project training to as many final year students till now. Final year ieee projects are best presented and extensive training is given on each framework. Our training will help you plan and execute your engineering project with ease.

Our Expertise:

  1. We have many latest and unique projects with Microcontroller, Robotics , Raspberry, VLSI and other technologies.
  2. The ieee projects will be explained technically in detail by our professors.
  3. Using live project standards, the projects will be developed.
  4. Real-time project development environment will be provided.
  5. Training of the total course will be in VLSI and Microcontroller.
  6. Our real-time technical experts helps each of the students in clearly understanding the project, in the implementation and support stages, etc.
  7. We give the students the source, compilation code and the documentation completely.
  8. Finally, a certificate will be provided from wineyard.

Be it the B.tech degree or B.E, M.Tech, M.E, M.C.A, we give major project training. So, are you ready?  If yes, contact us today!