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Best Btech Projects Training Institute in Hyderabad – Wineyard

Wineyard! We are one of the most excellent b.tech mini projects training institutes in Hyderabad. With a unique approach and a wide variety of experience in each and every individual area of study, our professors are too good at guiding students at every level of the project. We are very happy to offer latest technology oriented b.tech projects to our students regularly. Every now and then, we look at the latest changes in technology and acclimatize to suit the growing needs of the companies. Nowadays, companies are picking students completely based on the skill set and hence without adapting to the new standards the student may be unsuccessful. So, at our institute, we check all these and move forward for our students better future.

Our Mini Projects:

We guide students of all branches. We would love to list a few of our amazing projects:

Some projects for ECE students:

  • Solar based mobile charger for rural areas
  • Automatic public tap control system using IR sensor to prevent wastage of water
  • High fidelity two way intercom with musical ring alert system for point to point communication
  • Step up free adjustable DC to DC converter for range 3.7V to 34V
  • Radio frequency based remote Industrial Appliances control system
  • Renewable Energy management Solar based lighting system with inverter and CFL lamp load

For EEE Students:

  • Shunt compensation technique for improved power factor by thyristor switched capacitor in Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS)
  • Automatic public tap control system using IR sensor to prevent wastage of water
  • Aero dynamic wind mill with reverse charge protection for rural power generation applications
  • High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • High efficient energy theft detection with remote alert system (without microcontroller)
  • Advanced Railway Track Fault Detection System with remote station messaging system using ZigBee Communication

These are a few projects to mention for your understanding on the types of projects wineyard has. There are many more in our ever-growing list. Please refer our website to get a clear insight on many other projects we give training for our students.


Don’t fall prey for false institutes who doesn’t even satisfy the basic necessities but offer training to students. There may be many institutes who give btech projects in hyderabad to buy, but if you buy them without training, you will suffer at the time of presentation. It’s better you reach only proper institutes who give the precise training and guidance to the students with highly qualified staff just like wineyard does.

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