Top Embedded System Projects for Btech Students

Embedded System Projects are always in demand and most of the students prefer to do their mini project on embedded systems. Here at wineyard, we have 100’s of projects which are according to the latest standards and valuable to the students. Embedded Systems Mini Projects training is now available at wineyard by our experts who have tons of experience in this field.

Mini Projects on Embedded Systems:

There are many Mini Projects on Embedded Systems with us, and you can work on them easily as we provide you with enough abstracts and base papers. Did you ever work on Real-time global localization of robotic cars in lane level via lane marking detection and shape registration? or on Secure and privacy-preserving Smartphone-based traffic information systems? or implementing intelligent traffic control system for congestion Control, ambulance clearance, and stolen vehicle detection? Projects like these can really shape your future and you can get an in-depth understanding of the concepts of embedded systems very easily. Many students have already got proper training and they have nailed their project being with wineyard.

Btech students! Are you ready?

Embedded Systems Mini Projects for ECE students are taught with preference at wineyard. The first choice for students who come to us with an interest in embedded systems are given right guidance and support along with sample papers which they can take home and study to get a comprehensive idea. Also, Embedded Systems Mini Projects for EEE students are given great preference here. Our aim is to pursue international standards in research and continually improve to offer better quality education to students. From years, we have guided many students and we will continue to be.


Wineyard always strives for excellence in education, research and technological services. With an aim to sustain a community, where our students acquire the right knowledge and use it effectively for their betterment and their skill building. We also offer students the right equipment to make their research and enhance their skill levels. Without ideal base, students can’t reach to superior levels. To satisfy the needs of society and industry, wineyard has been keeping its training standards on par with international standards. So, are you ready to join our institute and get the best training on top embedded systems? If yes, give us a call or email us for more information. We will get back to you in no time.

Advanced Mini Projects on VLSI Design at Wineyard Technologies

VLSI stands for very large scale integration. Basically, there are 2 types of VLSI projects which are: VLSI Design Projects and Projects in VLSI based system design. Don’t get perplexed. Let me give a clear explanation!

If its projects in VLSI based system design, it involves diverse types of digital systems that is executed on PLD devices such as FPGA or CPLD. Projects that deal with semiconductor design are projects in VLSI design. These are intricate to execute in real-time.

Our VLSI Mini Projects:

Wineyard Technologies offer as many projects on VLSI based on your interest and skill level. We have projects ranging from very small to very large. Some of the Mini Projects on VLSI Design that we offer our students are:

  1. High-speed and energy-efficient carry skip adder operating under a wide range of supply voltage levels
  2. Design of low power, high performance 2-4 and 4-16 mixed-logic line decoder
  3. Recursive Approach to the Design of a Parallel Self-Timed Adder
  4. Implementation of high performance SRAM Cell Using Transmission Gate
  5. Low power reconfigurable Hilbert transformer design with row bypassing multiplier on FPGA
  6. Low power 8-bit ALU design using full adder and multiplexer
  7. Modeling of adders using CMOS and GDI logic for multiplier applications
  8. Energy and Area Efficient Three-Input XOR/XNORs With Systematic Cell Design Methodology
  9. Using Boolean Tests to Improve Detection of Transistor Stuck-open Faults in CMOS Digital Logic Circuits
  10. A heuristic for linear nearest neighbor realization of quantum circuits by SWAP gate insertion using -gate look ahead

These are just a few of the projects we have, which we have shown as examples for your understanding.

VLSI  Mini Projects for EEE:

VLSI  Mini Projects for EEE students are very complicated to execute. So, our staff at wineyard teach you key points to master without which your project doesn’t fall in the right place. We guide our students at each level of project execution and make them complete the project with ease. For EEE students we have been providing abstract and base papers for their understanding and getting a clear insight on the project.

VLSI  Mini Projects for ECE students are many at wineyard. You can choose from a medium level to utmost level projects. We also suggest you on how to get along with each of those VLSI design projects. Implementation of real-time projects may be little difficult but with our guidance and explanation level, you can just nail it with ease. Join us today to beat the best.

Best IEEE 2017 Projects for Final Year Students by Wineyard

Want to get trained by the experts on your IEEE mini projects? Wineyard is one such amazing institute where you get expert training in Hyderabad. We have tons of experience in this field and we give training to students for very reasonable price too. That’s our USP and we believe in it. For ECE students, the possibilities are numerous. We offer the most amazing projects for you to work on. We also offer IEEE mini projects for students of all branches. Students who have trained at our institute have successfully completed the project and delivered results flawlessly.

IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems:

IEEE 2017 projects on embedded systems are amazing. We can give a few examples:

  1. Solar Panel Controller and Power Optimization
  2. Vision-based Automated parking lot
  3. Biomedical Sensor network for cardiovascular fitness
  4. An embedded system for an ECG based BCI
  5. Airport automation using GSM.
  6. Wireless Sensor Node to Detect dangerous Gas Pipeline
  7. Automated Control System for air pollution detection in vehicles
  8. Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring
  9. Earthquakes and Tsunami simulation through GSM Network
  10. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model

Embedded Systems is a tremendous field and its very broad. Someone who gives you training on this must be having great knowledge of real-time projects and how to execute them with ease.

Training for Final year students:

There are many final year IEEE projects with wineyard and we have trained as many students and they have been very successful. We are focusing on providing more better facilities to our students who have believed in us since years. For final year students and students who want to do their IEEE mini projects with Wineyard, we have some magnificent staff who will assist you at every level of project building. Right from project start to end date our senior staff will be there to present you with the best guidance. Also, as students do not have much time to work in the institute, we give projects to work at home and you can get back to us with queries. This has got positive results for our students.


Finally, if you are searching for a finest institute in Hyderabad for getting trained on the latest ieee projects, then you are definitely at the right place. You will get wide hands-on experience and complete your project with ease after our training. We also provide you with a certificate of course completion and your expertise in the project.

Live B.Tech Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students

Wineyard is known to offer the best training and guidance for btech students from over years. Like every year, we are undertaking the training and assistance for students of all engineering branches. Students who are ready to do Live Projects for Mechanical Engineering can now contact us. We have began training students according to industry expectations. Duration of the project depends on the project as we do not just give training but also try and go that extra mile and teach students with comprehensive care and assistance at every level of the project.

At wineyard, when a student approaches us and asks us to assign a project, we try and explore his strong avenues and come back with solutions that suit his capability and skill level. Also, when a student wants to try a bigger project we are with him and guide him even more to make the project successful. If you buckle down and apply yourself with complete determination to work, success always follow you. Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering students is the key for opportunities when you try for a job. So, when you do your project, put a lot of efforts.

Industry-Oriented Training:

There are many institutes which offer mechanical projects in Hyderabad but only at wineyard you get industry-oriented training with live projects. Also, we provide kits to home, so that you can experiment on your own and come back with queries if any. This gives the students ample amount of time to work on the project freely. There a lot more advantages if you prefer to do Btech Mechanical projects from Wineyard. We have a well established setup in our institute to formulate and experiment your projects. Everything necessary for the project is original with us and according to the project needs. We help to build your creativity into practical ways. And with proper hands-on training, you are prepared to give your best. Wineyard is definitely the one-stop solution for doing your mechanical projects in Hyderabad.


Wineyard is a leading institute in Hyderabad and we are continuously pushing ourselves more to provide even better services to our students. We are your gateway to the corporate world. At wineyard, our experts believe that teamwork and intelligence can win anything. So, what are you waiting for? Join our pool of talented people and get trained on the latest cutting-edge technologies and become a industry ready professional.